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Cimifar company was founded in 1979 by Mr. Christos Miralis, who is also the General Manager of the company.

Our company has the exclusive import and distribution of O.T.C products. Pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical cosmetics, diet products, sugar substitutes, sugar-free chocolates, products for diabetics, cold and cοugh candies for adults and for children, as well as lollipops for children under 3years old. Also a major part of our company is performing reading glasses and sunglasses, as well as orthopedic products, earplugs, periodontal toothpicks, hemostat products, mouth spray deodorant and cigarette substitutes.

Cimifar company has secured exclusively the distribution from the largest factories in the world such as, Dr.C.Soldan (Germany), Asepta (Monaco),  Sunoptic (Italy), Brothier Laboratoires (France), Universal Toiletries Corporation Ltd (England), Dr. Munzinger Sport (Germany), Podium/Biotap (Spain), Vivadeau (Germany), AsoMagnetty1000 (Japan), Soyez (France), CimifarOttica (Italy), Elly (Spain).

Our company stays 40 years faithful to the pharmacy market, choosing with very strict criteria, products with high standards.

With participation in most exhibitions taking place in Greece, Cimifar is focusing on finding innovative and high quality products from large factories, and as a result to improve the quality of consumer’s life.



A crucial factor for our company’s growth is to build the confidence shown by our customers and our employees.
A very important principle of our strategy is to keep providing qualitative, sufficient and consistent service for our clients' needs, in order to fulfill their requirements and exceeds their expectations. The philosophy of Cimifar is based on the highest possible satisfaction of its customers. To achieve this goal, Cimifar offers high-quality innovative products at competitive prices from the largest factories in the world.

Our company imports high quality products only from Europe, certified with ISO and CE. Cimifar’s goal is every Greek consumer to use at least one of our products. Our people are our core capital and main advantage in all our efforts for development. Cimifar is a well organized company with:

•    Department of Law & Economics
•    Sales Department
•    Department of Marketing & Advertising



Most of our products are distributed on an exclusive basis to pharmacies, as well as there are some products from our range distributed in selected stores. The company has a competent and organized sales department and distribution network throughout Greece. Our products are distributed by our own transportation.

Our offices are located in Kaisariani Area, in private facilities, just 3 km from the center of Athens. There is also our branch office in Thessaloniki which controls the market of Thessaly as well as Macedonia-Thrace.