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Important announcement

11-11-2020 19:48

We have been informed by our supplier about a recall of Atkins Bread Mix products. The reason for the recall is an excessive amount of ethylene oxide in sesame seeds used in the bread mix. Ethylene oxide is used to sterilize the sesame seeds.  Although there is no immediate health risk from the ordinary consumption of these products, at the same time an increased risk over time through daily consumption of large quantities cannot be excluded. The quality and safety of Atkins products naturally have the highest priority for our company and Atkins will at all times comply with the relevant applicable EU regulations which also apply in Greece. 

We invite you to withdraw this batch of products from the shelves / warehouses of your stores and return them to us (at our expense). Also, please publish relevant information either in electronic or printed form so that your customers are informed of this revocation.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you very much for your cooperation.