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Em-eukal Candies

Cough and throw candies. They relieve the throat and release breathing.

Suitable for the treatment of throat and throat irritations as well as for smokers. Ideal for speakers.

Imported from Germany by Dr. C. Soldan, founded in 1899. Number 1 in sales worldwide.

Available in seven (7) flavors: Eucalyptus (Classic), Mild Mint, Ginger, Eucalyptus-Honey, Honey, Lemon, Sage.

All Em-eukal candies do not contain sugar and are suitable for use by diabetics as they contain isomaltose. They also do not contain gluten and lactose. The flavors "honey" and "sage" are suitable for homeopathic treatment as well as for diabetics.

It is exclusively represented in Greece by Cimifar.

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